The game server engine is comprised of five aspects:

An additional API layer, called the extension library, can be used to extend all functionality of the architecture. This features object bindings which bridge python and game server aspects.

The Game aspect encapsulates the host. The bindings are implementation- specific depending on which game server core you are using -- the StuphMUD engine or the python server framework -- Stuph OS.

Runtime Core-Extension

Python Mudlib

Virtual Reality Emulation - The Code is the Data

The Agent System as a centralized, virtual zone server:

Think of programming as designing a sculpture or form. This is known as object-oriented programming, where the code is a document that does a certain thing. Objects or forms have data and subroutine definitions.

The subroutines access the data and this makes it work more like a physical machine, that has working parts with properties and actions, thereby fully- leveraging the interconnectedness of the python runtime.

Elemental Interpreter